How Is Child Support Determined in California

Although child support is a fairly straightforward area of family law, I am sharing some basic information on this page in the hopes that readers will find it helpful.

Who Pays?

In California, child support is generally paid by the parent who has custody a smaller portion of the time (the non-custodial parent) to the parent with a greater share of custody (the custodial parent). There are exceptions, but this is typical.

How Is Support Calculated?

The monthly amount of support to be paid is calculated based on a mathematical formula that considers a number of factors. These include:

  • How many children are in need of support
  • What percentage of time that each parent has with the kids
  • Whether the paying parent is also supporting any children from a different relationship
  • The costs of health insurance expenses for the children
  • Each parent’s tax liabilities
  • Whether (and how much) a parent is paying in mandatory retirement contributions or other expenses related to their job
  • Any other costs which may be relevant, including costs related to the care of special-needs children

Because child support amounts are often calculated via a computer, you can get a basic idea of child support obligations before any legal work even begins. There are plenty of Internet child-support calculators available. These cannot account for special circumstances, however.

Why Hire A Lawyer For Child Support Issues?

A mathematical formula determines the amount of child support to be paid. The court presumes that amount to be accurate and fair unless either party brings attention to special circumstances or considerations which were not reflected in the original calculation.

I’m attorney Linda D. States. I’m highly experienced in and knowledgeable about all aspects of family law, including child support. If your calculated child support amount is unreasonable or unsustainable due to circumstances not reflected in the calculation, I will help you present the strongest possible case to the court for why it should be changed.

I can represent either party (payers and receivers) in child support matters. I also represent clients seeking to enact or prevent post-judgment child support modifications.

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