High Net Worth Brings Added Complexity to Divorce

High Net Worth Brings Added Complexity to Divorce

Although the legal processes are generally the same, high-asset divorces tend to be far more complicated than divorces involving average-sized marital estates. Assets are often diverse (liquid and illiquid) and may be tied up in business interests, investments and family trusts. It takes a dedicated attorney with significant experience to give high-asset divorce cases the attention and care they require.

My name is Linda D. States, and I am such an attorney. Before founding States Family Law in 2015, I spent a decade practicing family law at one of Sacramento’s premier law firms. I regularly worked on cases for high-asset clients. Now in solo practice, I utilize those skills for all clients, regardless of the size of their marital estate.

What Sets Our Firm Apart

Not every family lawyer is prepared to represent clients in a high-net-worth divorce. Here are just some of the practices that set my firm apart:

Collaboration with other professionals: Throughout my career, I have developed good working relationships with forensic accountants, appraisers and other financial professionals. I collaborate with these individuals in order to ensure that marital estates are accurately valued and inventoried.

Extensive use of discovery: My firm extensively utilizes the legal discovery process as a means of exposing hidden assets and fraudulent transfers and ensuring complete financial disclosure. If damage has been done by one party’s breach of fiduciary duty, I work to reverse it or seek other appropriate remedies.

Detailed knowledge of trusts: These financial arrangements regularly play a role in high-asset divorce cases. I am prepared to handle nearly any issue that may arise as the result of a trust.

Unparalleled experience with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: These are also common in high-asset divorce cases, but may be need to be challenged or defended. Read more about my qualifications in this area on my prenuptial agreements page.

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