Protecting Your Separate Property in Divorce

Protecting Your Separate Property in Divorce

You may have heard that property you bring to a marriage in California, as well as gifts and inheritances received during your marriage, are yours to keep if your marriage ends in divorce. While this is generally true, there are many exceptions.

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What Is Separate Property?

California is a community property state. This means that with a few exceptions, assets accumulated during the time of your marriage, or from community efforts, are divided equally.

Separate property includes the property you owned before your marriage or received as a gift or inheritance during your marriage. However, there are many ways that separate property, or at least a portion of it, can become community property. Here are a few examples:

The surest way to protect your separate property is to have an experienced lawyer craft a premarital agreement that limits the means by which the community can acquire an interest in separate property.

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